As one of the UK’s fastest-growing financial services organisations, we believe that what we are doing has great value and will help revolutionise the way wealth management is delivered to customers for years to come.

Modern times call for a modern approach and that’s what we deliver – all in one place.

Unique in the UK and exclusive to clients of True Potential, our client sites allow you to view all your investments and bank accounts in one place, whenever and wherever you choose. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access via the web, and tablet and mobile devices.

Here's a Quick Look at What's Available to You

Track your performance

Track your progress towards your financial goals and identify any potential shortfall in your investments.

Top-up with impulseSave®

Top-up your previously advised True Potential accounts at the touch of a button. You can add to your ISA, TPI Pension  or your General Investment Account on-demand with as little as £1 or as much as you need to close your ‘gap to goal’.

True Potential One®

Consolidate your savings and investments into one convenient location with True Potential One®. See exactly how much you have overall and how much you need to reach your goals.

Analyse your investments

Comprehensive view of all the policies and plans we hold for you, including real-time valuations and existing assets.

Drill down into each plan to analyse performance, review asset allocation and portfolio splits, and evaluate attitude to risk.

Manage your finances

Link-up your bank accounts and credit cards, to get a consolidated view of your finances in one convenient location.

Analyse and track spending across multiple accounts.

Manage your documents

Store and view important documents in one online location.

Share documents with your financial adviser as needed.

Contact your financial adviser

Two-way encrypted messaging system allowing instant and secure communication, no need to go to separate email system.

Send important and sensitive documents direct to your adviser.

Manage your personal details

View all the personal details we have recorded for you.

Edit and update information as needed.